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Then, the best option is to use an app like Speaking Email which will read out the new emails aloud and help you to respond to them as well. The Speaking Email app automatically detects the email language and switches the voice accordingly. Based on the subject and sender of the email, you can input several voice commands like Next, Trash, Reply, Flag, Archive and more. These days, people are so addicted and attached to their smartphones that they use them even while driving on the roads.

Distracted driving is one of the main reasons for road accidents all over the world. To avoid that, it is better to avoid keeping the phone in one hand and holding the steering wheel using the other hand. In case there is a need to read and reply to messages while driving, it is better to use the apps that read text messages like messageLoud. Download from Google Play Store.

10 apps to read my text messages hands-free

Either it can respond to all incoming calls or to only selected contacts which can be configured on the app. Currently, it is available only for Android-based phones. Drivemode helps to do all your daily routines like reading emails, browsing Facebook, sending messages on WhatsApp etc without taking your hands off from the steering wheel. Sounds surprising?

Yes, it is true. By using simple voice commands, you can do all your favorite activities without deviating your concentration while driving.

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Drivemode allows you to reply to text messages using voice commands or put the phone in Do Not Disturb mode and respond only to your favorite contacts. Plus, it can also be integrated with music apps like Spotify, Google Play Music and more. Not a problem.

How to Make Your Phone Read Everything On Screen Out Loud

You can get help from Siri to not only read out the messages but also to reply to them as well. Without taking your hand from the steering wheel, you can read text messages and reply to them using Siri. There are even voice commands to perform normal gestures. Here is a link to more info:.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Terrible thing to say on AppleVis Thank you Aaron, sadly I agree. I am on a respirator at times and Voice Access drains my speech. In addition to voice access from Google, there is also Bixby by Samsung, which also lets you control the phone, plus most programs using your voice, including turning on and off the phone, optimizing the phone itself, surfing the web, Etc. At this time, I am unable to find info about Bixby with bluetooth devices, with the acception of Bixby specific wireless earbuds.

Price for now, is unknown. Hi, Here is a link about a device that may help you.

You will need assistance setting it up. I'm not sure if the o6 on its own can manage messages with the companion app, as I've never tried.

1) ReadItToMe

However, I will give it a look. It may however be a moot point, as the o6 itself is rather small. The belt clip accessory provides some stability, but the dial does take some dextarity to turn. I use mine with VoiceOver as a replacement for flicking through items over and over to help with carpul tunnel. Hey Siri. When you hear your text message alert, say hey Siri, check text message. After the message is read, you will be asked if you want to reply.

Conveniently send and receive texts using only your voice

Voice Over. When you are not actively using your iPhone, ask Siri to turn on voice over. When a new text message or notification comes in, it will be read to you. When you are ready to use your Iphone, ask Siri to turn off voice Over. Switch Control. You can turn on switch control.